In The Court

Child Custody Evaluation & Expert Consultation


When a family begins to separate, it can be difficult to identify how the children will share time between their homes. With a court order, we will work with a family to create a parenting plan. 

During the evaluation we collaborate with a multitude of resources, including schools, doctors, counselors, coaches, etc. Additionally, we will meet with parents, children, step-parents, and any relative that has a significant role in the children's lives. 

Our meetings will occur in several settings. We have 2 office locations (Montgomery County and Harris County) to accommodate logistical barriers. After meeting in one of the office locations, we will travel to each residence to gain a deeper understanding of the children in their natural setting.


Rebecca has been working with courts and attorneys across Texas since 2004 and has consulted on family and criminal cases. She is available to review evaluations, notes, and files produced by mental health professionals to ensure the documents meet standards in accordance with the Texas Family Code and the Ethical Requirements per the licensing board of the professional. 

Entering a court room and experiencing litigation can be stressful and often overwhelming for individuals. Rebecca can provide assistance to a witness for support and guidance. She will prepare the witness for what to expect to relieve elements of fear and intimidation. 

Rebecca has offered expert testimony for child related issues on cases involving minor children. She consults with attorneys to assist in the preparation of the case regarding issues such as (but not limited to): parental alienation, domestic violence, parallel parenting plans, child rejection and transition issues, high conflict parent communication or avoidance. 

Rebecca is also available to help parents understand the recourse of the parental conflict and how their actions have detrimental impacts on the children's psychological well-being and can permanently alter the child's future. She will supply materials and utilize techniques that have been effective and produced successful outcomes for encouraging parents to work together and  alleviate excessive litigation. Ultimately, she will work as an agent of change to provide insights for restoring the coparent relationship so the children are afforded an optimistic evolution as the family separates.