Our Services


Outpatient Treatment

Our Counseling Center offers outpatient services ranging from groups, to family and individual sessions. We have more than 30 groups per week that are offered Monday through Saturday. For families and individuals, we offer counseling, coaching, reunification, and parent facilitation. When families are immersed in high conflict, we offer intense services such as parent facilitation. Research shows it is critical to assist families as quickly as possible, before permanent damage occurs.


Reunification Retreat

The process begins with an intake for both parents and the children. Each family member meets with the counselor independently to assess needs and to develop a treatment plan. 

The 4 day/3 night, 40-hour intervention is scheduled to begin the Thursday after completion of the intakes. While all family members will be involved in the process, the parent that the children tend to favor will only receive services on the premises during the first few hours and final few hours; however, there is a counselor available to this parent at one of the other office locations. On the final day, a counselor will assist the children transitioning into each home as the family returns to their respective residences with each parent. 

After returning home, the family then enters the aftercare program, which includes at least 1 additional home visit and follow-up visits at one of our office locations for up to 1 year.

Helping children spend time with loved ones.

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

Bringing children together with their parents so they can develop a relationship that helps them thrive. This intervention focuses on teaching parents nurturing interactions so the parent-child relationship can heal the rejection, alienation, or estrangement.